The Emma Coalition is dedicated to educating the employer community and policymakers about the issues surrounding TIDE, and maximizing the economic and social benefits of TIDE for America’s companies and workers while minimizing its disruptive costs for workers and companies.

The Coalition directly engages policymakers, educating them on the importance of confronting TIDE and attempting to shape policy through thought leadership and advocacy. In addition, the Coalition engages with employers themselves to establish recommended practices and create training programs designed to provide employers with workers possessing the skills needed to compete in the post-TIDE economy.

Who is Emma?

Emma is not only the granddaughter of Michael Lotito, one of this initiative’s co-founders, but a metaphor for why this project was undertaken. Failure to chart an implementable path forward could dramatically impact the lives and work of America’s Emmas. Thus, we need to take steps to manage the growing dominance of new technologies in the workplace.